Monday, January 03, 2005

Crying Over Spilled Milk

Every morning Keith packs up the bottle warmer and four breastmilk bottles for Ari. He schleps the whole deal over to Leanna's for Ari to eat. Today he called me at work. He forget to take the milk to Leanna's. No big deal; she has a can of formula for emergencies like this. It's in the fridge, and he can have the breastmilk tonight.

Uh, no it's not - it's sitting out on the counter. On the counter! All day! Rotting! Curdling! Spoiling! Ruining! Four beautiful and hard-earned bottles!

If only the male knew how hard I worked for those bottles, he would treat them with the respect they deserve. I swear to you, when I heard this, I teared up a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! That sucks.
I hear you. I also had to work very hard just to get one 4 oz bottle for Grace (my now 17 month old). Luckily, my job had very flexible hours, so it wasn't too bad, but..... four bottles!!
I am hoping this new baby will have a different eating style, more conducive to pumping. We'll see.

Aitch said...

Oh man! I know how that feels. I had to drill into my husbands head that breastmilk is white gold!! It doesn't grow on trees it has to be mined! Treat it so special!