Saturday, December 25, 2004

Happy Holidays!

Ari says, "Merry Christmas!" Posted by Hello

As I type this, Ari sleeps peacefully and Owen is fighting with Keith about going to sleep. How can a 2-year old possibly go to bed with all these new toys around? Christmas was a success at our house, and hopefully at yours, as well.

Our festivities actually started last night. I made chili and homemade hot chocolate (warm chocolate, in Owen's case) and Owen opened up one gift, his Christmas pajamas. We did this last year, as well, and this will hopefully be our yearly tradition. We tucked Owen in with promises of gifts galore upon awakening. After he fell asleep, we moved the mountain of presents out of our bathroom, where I had previously sorted and stacked them, and placed them under the tree. There were so many presents! Owen had at least 25 to open, and Ari had just short of that.

Both boys were up around 7AM. I knew when it took Owen half an hour just to go through his stocking that we were in for a long morning. Owen made it through all of his gifts, and most of Ari's, in just over two hours. He was thrilled with everything. He named his favorite gift as a wooden birthday cake from his Meme and Poppy, with candles and cake toppings that velcro on. We've had innumerable birthday parties since then. He had quite a haul, and we had fun just watching him open everything. Ari had fun with his new playgym and Care Bear, along with a host of rattles, teethers, musical bangy-things, and miscellaneous light-up toys. He was actually down for his first nap before Owen made it through all of his gifts.

After the wrapping paper was cleaned up and batteries were installed in everything, I started lunch. I decided on a less-traditional meal this year, and we had teriyaki salmon with wild rice stuffing, baked asparagus, rolls, and apple pie a la mode. It was all very good.

After lunch both boys took a nap, and after the nap Owen and Daddy went outside to play with the new enormous radio-controlled Ram that we received as a family gift from Grandparents Foster. The afternoon faded into evening as we played blocks, pretend-cooked, danced to new music, snacked on peanut brittle, and finally gave both boys baths. Keith and I are just settling in to watch tonight's Titans game.

I couldn't have asked for more, except perhaps to be with extended family. But my little family, here in our warm little nest, with snow outside and lights twinkling inside, makes my heart full. A wonderful Christmas we had.


Anonymous said...

Guess What? I know a secret.

Anonymous said...

guess what I know the secret too! Even though I don't know who sent that but I'm sure I can guess who!