Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Happy 4-Months, Ari!

Happy 4-Months, Ari! Posted by Hello

It's official baby boy, you're four months old! What a weird four months it's been. I feel like I'm finally emerging from my cave, that sort of dark place I went after you were born. Having a newborn is hard. I've heard it said that newborns are a sort of "needy paperweight," and although I can't remember whom to credit for that quote right now, I still agree 100%. But this, four months, it's so much better than newborn. You're still needy, but the paperweight part no longer applies. You're interactive and social, you laugh and talk in your own special baby way. Every month, even every day, gets better as I get to know you more. You daddy and I remember parenting your brother when he was at this tiny age. But all of our tricks that we used on him, they don't work on you! It keeps us on our toes, remembering that you are your own tiny person. I think deep down I expected you to come out looking and acting like Owen. But you are your own brown-eyed, dark-haired, mouthy little person! It's so interesting, being the mother of two boys. So much the same, but already so different. At four months, you:

  • are rolling over both ways.
  • are still breastfed. You eat around 35 ounces a day.
  • are not eating any solids yet.
  • hate wet diapers!
  • wear a size 3 diaper.
  • wear 3 - 6 month clothing, and even some 6 month.
  • are sleeping around 13 hours a night . . .
  • but waking up 1 to 3 times for feedings.
  • talk and laugh a lot. Loudly.
  • are able to reach out and grab bottles or rattles.
  • smile all the time, especially at your own reflection.
  • recognize Daddy, Owen and me.
  • are entranced by your big brother.
  • like your jumpup and exersaucer, but have outgrown your swing.
  • are trying to sit up. But not there yet!
  • are big. Really big. Not sure exactly how big until your doctor's appointment in a few weeks, but you are definitely big.

Four whole months, little guy. Doesn't sound like that long, does it? But I can't hardly remember life before you. Every day I'm made more aware of how you're enhancing our lives, all of us. We are so blessed to have you, happy healthy you. Your smile is one of the most constant things in my life. You balance out your brother perfectly. Everything about you makes me happy. Your daddy and I love you, so much, and just as much as your brother. You are everything we dreamed of!
I love you,

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Aitch said...

That was very sweet. Kasey hasn't rolled over yet and she's 19 weeks, But she's so close...but she can grab at her feet and does so all the time now. Her hanmds are forever grasping her toes and holding onto the soles of her feet. Pretty sure I bet they will be in her mouth just like everything else.

Ari look a lot like Owen, except with brown eyes, but he also has his own distinct features. He's a doll!