Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tonight was Owen's first parent-teacher conference. I wanted to be there, but I've felt kind of under the weather all day, so I sent Keith. I had no worries that he would come back with a glowing report of my precious little snowflake, so sensitive and sweet. And he did.

Kind of.

His grades are awesome (100s); he's in the highest reading group in his grade. He stays out of trouble 99% of the time. And his teacher marked a lot of nice things on his report card, about how helpful he is and so on. And ... she also marked "Uncooperative." I mean, I know he's uncooperative. I've met him, and he's nothing if not uncooperative. But I thought maybe he was hiding that little gem from his teacher. But (and she sent home his journal as evidence) in the mornings, during journal time, he is very "Uncooperative" about filling out the journal prompt that she provides for them every day. I spent some time reading through his journal, and I really had to laugh. Some days he complied with her prompts. Some days he wrote the word "nothing" or just "I don't know." And some days, he gave us little jewels like these:

What I really like about this one is the time he took to draw fifteen individual pictures and mark them all "me" (or sometimes, "me!"). Smart aleck.

We weren't thrilled with this one, but again, props to him for the excellent picture. And it made me laugh (when he wasn't looking).

Okay, so this is completely inappropriate to write in a journal that is read by his teacher (in case you can't read the lighter print at the bottom, it says [his spelling]: "Chuky chreet smell my feet if you dont I dont care Il pull down your under pants") and he was appropriately reprimanded, but between you and me? I totally laughed.

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Marcie and BIll said...

Ryan meets the 'uncooperative' status...unfortunately I have to hear it every day. I absolutely LOVE Owen's journal! It really made me laugh!