Monday, September 28, 2009

Settling In

Life the past two weeks has been decidedly drama-free. We did ultimately decide to withdraw Ari from kindergarten and give it a second try next year. So he's been home with me the past two weeks, and it's going really well. It's a whole different dynamic in the house now, with him and Seth being the only two home. He's also learning a lot of new chores and ways to help me throughout the day, now that he's the biggest kid around. He's happier, too, and anytime I ask him if he wishes he was at school, it's a big solid NO!

Owen, on the other hand, is so in love with first grade. He tells me everyday that school is so fun. He has lots of friends, he loves all the specialties (art, music, etc.), and he makes 100s on all of his work. He's doing so great. Of course, I wondered if he'd be shy when I sent him, if he'd cry when we dropped him off. He's more shy by nature, and usually an introvert, but he's gone way beyond any expectations I had for him. Sending Owen to public school this year was definitely the right choice for him.

Seth turned 10 months old recently. I need to do his official 10-month post, but the biggest change this month has been his mobility. He started army crawling a few days ago, and now he can go anywhere in the house he wants. He is definitely not using the right arm to crawl, but hopefully in therapy we can work on that more. For now, just being mobile has helped him relax a little, and play more independently. We've already put up the baby gate; it may be getting close to time to put up the crib! It seems strange to have an almost-1 year old in a cradle, but it's worked for us so far.

These crisp fall mornings are just the best. Walking outside with a steaming coffee and a hoodie on, opening the windows, sitting on the deck, and this for breakfast (SO GOOD!). I love this time of year. I hope it stays crisp and fall-y for a while, and doesn't just jump into cold, cruel winter.

Speaking of mornings, on my morning run yesterday, my leg finally gave out and I had to turn back after about half a mile. I've been battling shin pain for about 4 weeks, maybe a shin splint, not sure. I've been running through it for a while, but Saturday it hurt bad, and Sunday it plain old gave out on me. I guess I should see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis, but treatment is really just resting it anyways, so I may not go to the doctor. Then again, I may, because I want to continue running when it heals, and I need to make sure I do everything just right to insure that possibility. Something to mull over.

Owen's birthday is coming up soon, and I will be the mother of a 7-year old. I never feel as emotional and aged as I do on Owen's birthday, my first-born, my smart, sensitive, droll, lovely little blue-eyed elf.


Nancy Bane said...

And what is little miss Eva up to? You talked about all the boys, but not girly girl!! Guess I'm living vicariously through you, having a girl...maybe someday we'll get one!

Robyn said...

Nancy, just the usual. She's been in full-time preschool for several months now. Other than that, her two specialties are eating and bringing the drama. No changes there!