Monday, May 04, 2009


Friday night: date night at home with Mama Fu's and Slumdog Millionaire. Pad Thai = very, very good!
Saturday: lunch with Keith's old high school buddy, massive grocery shopping, cooking (and destroying the kitchen in the process) for Betsy's birthday dinner, then said dinner with six adults and eight children! Cupcakes, ice cream, Sequence, new friends and lots of laughing.
Sunday: church, lunch (where a solids-squeamish baby INSISTED on eating my lunch. He'll pass on the baby cereal, thank you very much, for those delicious mashed potatoes), naps for most, and readying ourselves for the week ahead.

This week: tumbling class, Owen's presentation on Florida at homeschool co-op, kindergarten graduation, preparing for Mother's Day. Gardening, coloring, probably a trip to McDonald's, lots of Sethy love, garage saling, video games. The usual!

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Julie said...

Wow he is on real food now he won't touch that other stuff ever again. Anyway that is how it was with my 3.