Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Photo Update

Here's a quick update, in picture form.
First up, Valentine's Day. I love Valentine's Day, and we try to make a big deal out of it every year. This year we got up early for a big breakfast (our Valentine's celebrations always involve getting up early, since it falls during tax season and Keith is up and out of the house before sunrise) of pink, heart-shaped pancakes. We got the kids a little something, and their Meme and Poppy spoiled them with goodies. I love these pictures of their sleepy faces (although why Owen is wearing a hood is beyond me).

Also, I finally finished a quilt I started for my brother for Christmas. I am pleased with the final result - large enough for a tall guy like him to cuddle under, manly colors, nice and crinkly. I used quilting cottons for the stripes, oxford shirting for the sashing, and quilting cottons for the back. I sent it out for quilting, as I've never tackled anything this large on my machine. It made a pretty package all tied up.

I also finished a baby quilt I started on a while back (I've shown the quilt top here before) - this was my first crib-sized quilt that I've stippled myself on my machine. I just love it, and kind of wish I could keep it, but I made it with a special baby girl in mind, so into the box it goes.

Betsy lent us a new toy, the Jumparoo, for our little one who is outgrowing his boring little baby toys like the swing. It seems to be a hit so far (although these pictures don't seem it, it really is)! This is the beginning of his famous half-smile.

This picture is a little dark, but it is such a good one of the two best buddies, Owen and Seth. Owen is such an amazing big brother. He loves a little rough sometimes, sure, but he is the best entertainer when I need him. I am so proud of him.

Speaking of Owen, I was putting laundry up in his room the other day, and I found this note. It's pretty clear, but in case you can't read it, it says this (with all his lovely spelling and grammatical decisions intact): "I love you Mom and dad. Good by Mom Dad Eva and Ari. I am going to Massachsetts." This is the best and most hilarious thing I've ever found in his room. I love it. I want to frame it. I asked him why he didn't say good-bye to Seth, and he said, "Because he's coming with me." I am crazy about that smart little kid.

And finally, although there is no picture for this one (if there was one, it would be of me crying), I pre-registered the boys for school this week - Ari for kindergarten, Owen for first grade. Yes, public school. Although I want to keep them home with me forever, Owen just isn't that happy at homeschool, and I can't be selfish with them anymore. It's off into the world they go. At least they're going together.

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