Friday, February 13, 2009

3 Months

Dear Seth Hayden,

Yesterday you turned three months old! We celebrated by going to Little Rock to the Children's Hospital there to have your skull looked at. And guess what? You are just fine. That is such a huge relief to Daddy and me. We thought there might be a problem with your skull sutures fusing - but no, you are healthy as can be! We are so, so happy.

When they weighed you yesterday, you were 16 pounds, 4 ounces. You are slowing down some, more in line with your brothers at 3 months. Also at 3 months, you are:

  • wearing a size-2 diaper, but not for long.
  • wearing a size 3 - 6 in clothing.
  • still sleeping in our room, in your bassinet.
  • going to bed around 9 PM, but still waking twice at night.
  • nursing pretty much exclusively, unless you're in the nursery at church.
  • smiling so much, and very, very ticklish.
  • cooing and talking back and forth with us.
  • the coolest toy in the house. Your older siblings think you hung the moon.
  • very, very mellow and tolerant of being poked, prodded, pulled on, and about anything else you are subjected to by the big kids.
  • a big fan of the bouncy seat and your play gym, but not so much a fan of the swing.
  • all smiles when it's Mama time. Your face says, "Hello, my Favorite Person!" which I love.
  • still blue-eyed, with light reddish hair. You haven't lost any hair yet.

You are such a chill little boy, pretty much happy to relax and hang out in someone's arms, or in your bouncy seat. I've never seen a baby more cherished by his big siblings - you are absolutely their favorite thing. Owen especially can't get enough of you, and he says, "I just love this baby," or, "I love the boy!" You are so indulgent of their fawning, and you let them get lots of squeezes in before you give them a little warning cry. You are the baby who I didn't know existed: happy to play quietly, happy to sit and look at me and listen to my singing or talking. Happy just to be. Content with life, and the love you are given constantly, and content to love in return. You are a gift to us, the gift that might not have been, and I am reminded every single day when I hear your little cry, or coo, that you are one of Life's Greatest Gifts. I am actually happy to hear from you when you wake up at night, because that's how awesome you are.

You are our fourth child, but there is no question that you are as special and as incredibly loved as the rest. I hope you never question that part. This family is just crazy about you, and you, well, you are the star.

Photographs by Lacey Kohl Photography

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