Friday, January 30, 2009


Or at least, this week has felt like vacation! Keith's been home since Tuesday because of the ice storm - his office doesn't have electricity. So we've been hanging out at home, doing a little bit of work, but mostly being lazy. We've braved the ice twice to eat lunch out, just to beat the cabin fever. We did a little sledding in a laundry basket. And I've spent lots of time working on little quilty projects. I've finished one doll quilt and started another today. I like little projects that are done quickly! And these are gifts, so it's nice to finish them early.

Finished: Windowpanes - pink & brown

I really need to be cleaning house, since I'm helping host the Super Bowl parties this weekend, but my sewing machine calls! At least, it calls until Seth wakes up.

New project for today: Stained glass

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