Monday, December 01, 2008

How to make little boys laugh

Put Daddy's underwear on the baby! You can get laughs all night from this one. And, it's even better because Daddy tucks his white t-shirts into his underwear, too! (Don't tell him I told you!)

Another week is upon me. Seth will be three weeks old on Wednesday. In three weeks, I have not yet managed to get my life back under control. The essentials are in place: food, clothing, bathing, sleeping is all happening on a fairly regular basis for the kids. I am eating, and usually showering, and sometimes sleeping. The things that are really sliding on me: housekeeping, homeschooling, Seth-free time with the big kids. I have days where I feel completely out of control in my own home, because it's just NOT CLEAN. And those are inevitably the days where Seth wants human hands upon him at all times DO NOT PUT ME DOWN WOMAN! If I need a nap, he doesn't. If I can't sleep right now, he only wants to sleep. We are two ships crossing in the night when it comes to sleep. So, sleep is at a premium. But he is still a wonderful little chubber who I find joy in just looking at, so I am coping.

We started back hardcore with Owen's schooling today. We were off for 2 days the week Seth was born, and all of last week for the holiday. Today we are back on the horse, and it wasn't so bad. Even holding the baby, which I had to do for most of the time, we managed to finish everything on the list. I love sitting down with Owen and spending this time with him. I have no idea what next year holds in the way of schooling - Ari will start kindergarten, and I don't know if I can handle schooling both of them with a little baby around who will be mobile at that time. I mentioned this to Owen and he seemed upset that he might have to go to "real" school. We'll just have to see.

On a more fun note, I had a friend over last week who had a little boy on October 20, so he is 5 weeks old in this picture, and Seth is 1 week. Seth outweighs him by 2 pounds. But aren't they cute together? What does the future hold for them, I wonder? (Sethy is the cheeks on the right, in case you weren't sure.)

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