Monday, November 24, 2008


I know, I am wimping out on posting by just putting up pictures, but life right now is better told in pictures than words, because my brain is sapped. Truly sapped. In a really good way, but still.

Last night the boys came upstairs in these ridiculous costumes and proclaimed that they were "Mr. Butterscotch and Mr. Rogers!" I'm not sure who was who, but they do love to strike a pose:

The newbie and his adoring fans:

Also, Daddy turned 28 yesterday. We celebrated very small, with a cake and our four babes. He looks happy, doesn't he?

And one more, just because I can't get enough of this little bundle:

And for the record, I do make the kids wear pants some of the time. I really do. But they fight it, and I figure it's less laundry for me, anyways!

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