Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Maybe he won't have to live outside after all

So I read something yesterday on a pregnancy website that mentioned most mothers do claim that each subsequent pregnancy feels more active than the last, i.e. second baby feels so active compared to first! And in my case, third baby feels so much more active than first and second (combined!). And they said this claim has less to do with an actual active baby, and more to do with the fact that the uterus stretches and becomes more pliable with each subsequent pregnancy. Meaning that the baby can move around more, because the uterus has more give - and not necessarily that the baby will be more active once outside said stretchy uterus. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that what I am feeling is not a wildebeest of a humanoid growing within me, but is in fact just my saggy, stretched-out sack of an old, washed-up uterus. And I'm okay with that. But sometimes, I still wonder about this little boy. Because that? That you just saw? THAT WAS A HAND. WITH FINGERS. I'M PRETTY SURE. And I don't think I should be seeing that when he's still on the INSIDE.

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