Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New things

I went to the school and officially picked up Owen's official kindergarten registry papers for when he officially starts kindergarten in August! I am terrified! I am reeling! I cannot believe it. I think I am more shocked and scared than he is (is it always that way?). Having to fill out all his information, it just makes it so real. My baby is going to start school! Real live school. It will be a while before I wrap my head around that one.

Also, I have recently discovered the show Run's House on MTV. I'm late to the party, for sure, but man, I love this show! I've watched every single episode in the last few days. The guy can parent, that's what I love about it! He seems to always make the best choice in discipline, parenting, whatever the situation. Maybe it's the Reverend in him? I will be taking notes in the new season!

I signed up for another quilt swap. I'm late on my current one; unfortunately I had a binding "incident" which is taking time to repair. But this new one, I am already on top of it with ideas.

Almost birthday time! 29 big years old.

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