Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Treasure Hunting

Today the kids and I went to a thrift shop after story time at the library. And amongst the hoardes of junk, we found some treasures! I was so excited. Here are some photos of our finds.

Lovely green melanine set of teacups with creamer and sugar bowl. I absolutely love their little handles, and doesn't that sugar bowl remind you of an elf? The whole set is positively elfin.

Brown and blue vintage scarf in perfect condition, and handmade afghan, super soft and huge. It was $5 and we love it. It is oceany.

And the finds of the day: two vintage doll quilts, log cabin blocks in gradient, tied off, positively gorgeous, for $4 each. LOVE. LOVE. Did I mention, LOVE? They are small, probably less than 24" x 24". Perfect for Eva's room - their vintagey perfectness prohibits them from being actually used on her dolls, until she gets a little older, I should think. I love that they are so obviously handmade (although they are machine-stitched). What personality these ladies have! A few more shots of them (I love the vintage fabrics, especially the polka dots):

I found a wonderful sewing resource book for a few bucks, and then we spotted this little embroidered mushroom picture. He was too cute to leave behind for mere pennies - I'm finding that when I thrift, I have a hard time leaving things behind that are handmade. Someone worked so hard on it, and now it sits in a thrift store with no one to love - so I have to take it home and love it.

This blanket is so great, and so big and comfy. We will have lots of fond memories with it, building forts and snuggling and having "campovers" in the basement.

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