Wednesday, January 16, 2008


This was an old button-up shirt of Keith's that he no longer wore, so it gets new life in this toddler dress! This was totally NOT my idea - I saw it online. I think it turned out really great! The front of the dress is the back of the shirt, and vice versa. Eva wears it well. The size isn't perfect, but it's a decent fit for working without a pattern. What a little model she is!


Tracey said...

Oh! I like that idea! I may have to look for sales on men's shirts cuz I don't think my husband's are ready to be sliced to bits, yet. But material is so expensive, that a shirt on sale would be a much better price... And, it's already mostly hemmed, with the hardest parts (buttons) done!

Betsy or Alex said...

This is my fave so far.