Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Stupid dentist!

Today I was leaving a voicemail for my dentist (I use a headset at work), in a relatively annoyed tone, as his office hasn't called me back for almost two weeks with some very important information. After I hung up, I bellowed at nobody in general, "Do your job, you stupid dentist!" and went back to work at my computer. About a minute and a half later, I hear in my earpiece, "BEEP - Message completed." Whoops. I wonder if I'll get that call back? I guess I could've said worse things!

So we spent a long weekend in Arkansas, the kids and I, house-hunting and spending time with friends and family (the kids got lots of quality family/friend time while Keith and I looked at houses). We saw roughly a thousand houses, and did end up with a contract on one of them. It's a great house, about 2000 square feet, almost brand new, in great shape, in the area that we wanted. It has a great basement area that will be perfect for the kids. I love it, and I am very excited to be moving there in about two weeks! Meanwhile, the buyer of our current house is driving me crazy, wanting to come over every few days to check this or measure that. Hello dude, you do not own the house yet!

You have probably noticed that my blog is pitifully behind. I don't know why, except life seems to be so routine lately. Also, the blog was started as a sort of communication with family and friends from home when we moved away - as we approach our return, it feels unnecessary. I haven't decided if the blog will continue upon my retirement from the insurance industry, or if I will just close up shop. Sometimes I think my life is too boring to post about, and sometimes I think if I post honestly, people will think I'm nuts. So, still thinking on that one.


Tracey said...

Hmmm.. not too boring. Otherwise MY life would be too boring!

Kim said...

I don't believe it is boring !! I love to read about what is going on and how the kids are even though you will be moving closer we still never get to see family over that way. So where is your new house at? I am sure looking forward to your moving to finally get to meet Ari and Eva and haven't seen Owen since he was 1. And I also like read your blog cause you are honest with your feelings and don't put up some front for others to read about. Love Kim

The Thomas Family said...

Not all of us are getting to move home quite yet. And you life is not boring at all, in fact I laugh sometimes so much because I'm right there doing those same things. We love your blog.


Melani said...

I know you must be super busy but I miss your posts! Obviously you're not boring or we wouldn't all be checking to see if you've updated. Would love to know where your new house is; I've probably looked at it because I think I've seen every house from Centerton to Bella Vista in the last few months.

HarrisFamily said...

DON'T STOP POSTING! I don't think you really know how many people read your blogs. We often do not express our hearts to those around us--even though we spend our time with them. That is why we never actually "know" somebody. Each person has many thoughts and feelings about topics and circumstances that they just keep to themselves. Your blog is an insight into all that we want to say but don't.