Friday, November 10, 2006

The Big D (and I do actually mean Dallas)

Just got back from Dallas on Wednesday evening. It was a very low-stress trip, and I was able to squeeze in some naps. Now that is a business trip! It was a bunch of corporate and IT meetings, so no sales meetings or agency visits. Super easy stuff, and Indian food to boot.

Keith’s grandparents are in from San Diego this week. We don’t have any real plans set, just to hang out and let them get their fill of the childrens. The only thing I need to do this weekend is take some items back to the library. I have like a $30 late fine. That’s a big huge bummer, seeing that I tend to check out 10 books at a time and recheck them the maximum three times. So I need my library card fresh and ready to play.

I started recently buying bottled water. Just because it travels well, and I seem to drink more water that way. (Actually, my trick is to chug 16 ounces of room temperature water at a time. This is the only sure way that I’ll get my 64 ounces in each day. It’s disgusting.) So my last batch was purchased at K-Mart, because there is one close to my work, and while it does register on the disgusting-o-meter, it’s not as low as the Kroger. So K-Mart it was, and I bought their American Fare brand. Then when I started drinking it, I read the source information on the bottle: “Municipal Supply, Greeneville, TN” – well. If I wanted city water from some mountain Tennessee town, I’d fill them up from my tap. Thanks, K-Mart! I can always count on you to disappoint me! And so the lesson here is: don’t shop at K-Mart. Really.

Two recent Owen-isms:

My boys tend to have very emotional days, and the littlest things will reduce them to tears. When this happens to Owen, I usually tell him, “Owen, don’t stress out. Just go sit down and relax.” So last week Ari was worked up about something, getting close to tears, and Owen tells him: Ari, don’t stretch out!

During our Halloween contest at work, when I spent the weekend working on the set pieces, Owen asked me what I was making, and I told him, “A jukebox.” His eyes got huge and he yelled, “Ari! Mom is making a GIANT JUICEBOX!”


tenEC Hillbilly said...

As a citizen of Greeneville, TN, I can tell you that our supply of water is as clean as any you'll get from any bottled water. however, we mostly use our water to make our moonshine..... LOL

amy said...

Love the quote. And, glad to hear that boys have emotional days, too. Goodness, does my daughter have those days!