Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lady is a Tramp (at least, she smells like one)

First things first, Friday Weigh-In and book list update over in the Goal Journal.

Today we headed south to the Boro to find Owen's Halloween costume. We've tossed so many ideas around, and he just cannot make up his mind. He wanted the Dora costume, then the Diego, then a Care Bear. He found a Care Bear costume in Target and tried it on. It fit him, but barely, and he ran up and down the aisles squealing in delight, poured into this 3T Care Bear costume. The funny made it worth it. But after searching around for a larger Care Bear, we never found one. After today's quest (tried on: one Spider and one Police Man), we settled on the popcorn idea. Basically I am making a huge red and white striped popcorn box, and he will wear it. I'm excited because it involves Crafts, and you know how I am about paints and glue guns. He is excited because it involves food. So there you have it. We will have: One (1) Popcorn, one (1) scarecrow, and one (1) baby (that would be Eva).

Speaking of Eva, here's one thing I've learned in the past 9 weeks about having a daughter. The gas and burps that are funny coming out of a boy, are just kind of gross coming out of a girl. When Owen or Ari rip a huge fart, then blame it on Dad or each other, or even me (I've been outnumbered for far too long), it's funny. When Eva lifts a leg and rips a huge, 30-second fart, it's just shameful. You can put a dress on her, you can put a bow in her hair, but when you lean in to kiss those little rosebud lips, she's going to belch formula directly into your mouth, then crap in her diaper.

Eva's looking at Ari all, "Who farted? Not me, for sure."

Owen's birthday is soon and very soon. Twelve days away. He is turning 4. Four!

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