Monday, September 18, 2006

How I know my baby is growing up

Look beyond my raggedy feet, if you can. What do you see here?

You know what I see? Proof positive that my baby is now a full-fledged boy, all snips and snails and puppy dog tails. Not hardly a round corner left on him; he's getting tall, and although he's not all elbows and knees yet, he's almost there.

I bought Owen new tennis shoes for winter. He needs a new pair of shoes at least every 6 months. His toes are hanging literally an inch over the edge of his sandals that I bought for him back in April. So off we went looking for a new pair of shoes. And he ended up in a size 12.5. Granted, I give him about a size to grow into, since he'll be busting out of these in a few months. But look at that shoe! It's almost big enough to fit me! The old mom! I cannot believe it.

Today on my lunch break I went to Old Navy and bought him a winter wardrobe, or at least a good start to one. Tomorrow I'm taking every single piece back and getting one size bigger. Nothing I bought fits him. He is a solid 5T now (makes since, with him being three years old, right?). Crazy.

Also, everything 2T that I bought for Ari - too small. Look, I breed big, what can I say?

So, my boy, he grows. There is no denying it. It makes me sad!


Melani said...

I had to buy Colby's shoes in the MEN'S section this time!!! Talk about being sad, his shoes are too big for me (and I have a big foot).

It goes so fast, doesn't it?

The Thomas Gang said...

Owen is getting so big. That is unbelievable. Where did the time go? Josh only has a few more inches and then he will be as tall as me and of course his feet are HUGE. He is all feet and legs right now poor guy. It's killing me. Jacob on the other hand is going to be my runt. We can't get him to gain a pound or grow an inch. Ari probably has a good 15 pounds up on him. He is such a little guy. He sure didn't get being little from me. LOL