Monday, September 25, 2006

Bringing Sexy Back

The family photo shoot was yesterday. That poor, poor photographer. She took about 65 pictures. Out of those, there were about 15 that were decent. The rest belonged on some sort of outtake reel. But we got some good ones, and we managed to get a family shot where all five of us are looking at the camera. We're not all smiling, and it's not my favorite picture of myself, but we went with it out of sheer desperation. I always leave photo shoots a big sweaty mess from all the jumping around, trying to get the kids to look and smile. Of course, having two boys, I am usually forced to resort to making fart noises with my hands to get them to smile. But hey, whatever it takes.

I have 354,772 pictures, so if you know me at all, if I even have part of your mailing address, expect to receive pictures in the mail.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The pictures are precious and they are all smiling. Eva is having a really good time. Will be looking for my family picture. Love, Granny G