Sunday, August 20, 2006

Something is most definitely wrong with me.

I had a hair appointment on Friday with Cynthia, WBH*. She did this really cute wavy hair thing, which I've never done before, and could probably never replicate. But I want to try, because I love having the option of something different besides throwing it up into a ponytail. So I thought - okay, I'll take a few pictures of the style so I can remember how it looked, which curls went where, and so forth. I tried and tried to take a picture of myself, camera at arm's length away. But every single picture looks like a bad singles ad. Can I possibly try not to be seductive to the camera? I mean, what's with the head tilt, the little coy smile? This is really sick. What is wrong with me?

And also, this is not all of the pictures.


*World's Best Hairdresser. Be jealous.


Melani said...

You look really great! I guess the mama v2 plan is working. Hope you can figure out how to keep your hair looking the way you want. I for one can never seem to do anything but the neverending ponytail.

PS Glad you're back to posting. Hope that means life is settling in for you.

amy said...

How CUTE are you?! Very. :)