Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Things Worth Mentioning

1. Keith cut his arm open Monday and needed 5 stitches to close it up. Very Frankensteiny looking.

2. Owen has started calling Ari "honey" - let me help you with that, honey, come here, honey, etc. He has also started saying "Boo-yah!"

(Is there a proper way to spell boo-yah?)

(If so, that's not it.)

3. I made 20 points by correctly eliminating Paris on
American Idol tonight, but it was a pretty easy decision, so no major back-patting.

4. I watched "Princess Diaries 2 - The Royal Engagement" Monday night and cried. I am obviously an emotional wreck.

5. No news on official travel dates, although I have been able to speak to Mr. Russian twice now, and he is very nice. I'm excited to meet him (Keith's only spoken to him in the past). He will be traveling with us.

6. I'm getting a crown tomorrow at the dentist, ending a 14-month process of titanium implant. Finally, I will be able to chew on the right side of my mouth again!

7. I had something else important but I can't remember what it was (important! ha!).

8. No really, I did.

9. Nevermind, enjoy some pictures instead (a couple of new ones uploaded on Flickr - why do I take 800 of each particular pose when just 1 would do well enough?).

10. Still can't remember the very important thing, but
go here. And pretend it's me and Keith. Because it will be soon (we hope).

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