Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Still Stateside

I know, I know, post more! I apologize for the long absence. I feel like I shouldn't post until I get travel dates on the adoption, and who knows when that will be? For now we still don't know much. We don't have our invitations yet, so we can't get visas. We're hoping to hear something by the 18th, either yes or no to May travel, at least get some answers. So we're still pretty much in limbo in that regard.

We had a great weekend and Mother's Day. We took the boys camping Saturday night, real live camping in a tent in the woods. We roasted hot dogs and made s'mores and walked on trails and the whole nine yards. The boys thought sleeping in the tent was a novel idea; Keith and I woke up sore and cold. Ah, to be young again! We came back Sunday afternoon, dirty and tired, and collapsed into a nap, which stretched into 4 hours for me (my Mother's Day present from Keith!).

I actually opened my Mother's Day gifts Friday night, when we ordered in pizza and had a little celebration at home. The boys hand-crafted boxes out of popsicle sticks and painted them quite beautifully. I also received a red iRiver MP3 player from Keith and the boys, with a recorded message that was so sweet, I got watery. I've spent every waking moment since then cruising around the Virgin Digital website finding music to download. I could spend days doing that, looking for new music, finding old favorites. I think the MP3 player will be a great addition to my life.

I have pictures of all said events, but I didn't bring my cable to work, so I can't upload them here. I'll try to do that tonight, maybe during America's Next Top Model commercials. I believe tonight is the season finale?

I watched American Idol last night with a certain degree of disattachment. I felt like, with Chris gone, there was no main stage. It seemed like a handful of opening acts, and no big featured singer. He was far and away my favorite, and now I'm kind of 'eh' about the whole thing. This reminds me of two years ago when George Huff was voted off and I pretty much gave up watching (but who didn't, during the Fantasia/Diana year?). I am anxiously awaiting whatever music Chris puts out. I'll be the first to give it a try. The Idol tour is coming to Nashville in August. I'd sure love to go - but the odds of me dragging Keith to that concert are about as good as him dragging me to whatever he's going to see next month (Dashboard Confessional, I think?).

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