Sunday, May 28, 2006

At the strawberry patch

Yesterday we took the boys to a local strawberry patch to pick some berries. Apparently berry season is almost over, but we were able to easily fill a gallon bucket. The berries were amazing! We ate them all day yesterday, with every meal and in between. I'm surprised we didn't all get belly aches. The boys loved finding the red ones, and if Owen found one buried in the middle of a plant, he said, "I found a hidden treasure!" He also said he liked walking in "the maze" (the rows of plants, I presume).

This holiday weekend is low-key for us. We're cleaning house, getting ready for company. I wonder if I'm "nesting" kind of like I did right before giving birth? My to-do list contains some weird projects that I would never normally do, like cleaning out the junk drawer or the shoe closet. Not my normal chore list.

Last week we received our LOI from the agency (the elusive invitation to travel), and we mailed our visa applications off on Thursday. The Kazakhstan Consulate in DC called us on Friday to confirm receipt, and we're supposed to receive our visas back this week. The sooner, the better. So we're currently holding tickets to fly out on Saturday, and Laura will be here on Thursday to watch the boys. I guess this is it. The only obstacle in our way right now is getting the visas back, and there's no reason we shouldn't have them by Wednesday or Thursday. So keep praying that they come back to us right away.

Have a wonderful long holiday weekend!

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Kim E. said...

WOOHOO!!!! Finally!!!!

Be safe!!