Friday, April 21, 2006

DVR: My Magic Little Black Box

One of the best gadgets to come into my life recently is the DVR. The DVR allows me to condense my television watching into a much shorter time period (no commercials, hello), and it organizes all my favorites for me, so I don't forget to record them. I just type in what shows I like, choose "All Episodes," and it records those shows whever they're on. So what if I watch Tuesday night's primetime on Thursday night? It really helps my schedule work. And since I do love my television, here is an homage to my DVR, and my favorite shows currently.

American Idol. I love this show. This year has had its ups and downs. Some weeks are downright painful (Country? Queen?). But I love the contestants, I especially love Katharine and Chris, and I am a devotee. I was psyched to watch Ace go last week. Since day one, I've been confused about his appeal. He pretty much peaked in the semi-finals with "Father Figure" and I've been disappointed ever since. I'm rooting for Chris to win the whole thing, although I can't deny a little McPheever. Every week I make my predictions of who will be voted off (something we're doing at work), and so far I'm not doing too bad.

Big Brother 7. This show isn't on currently, I know, but I couldn't resist linking over to the story that talks about the upcoming ALL STAR SEASON! Season 7 will bring back past contestants (some chosen by viewers, some by producers) and let the best of the best battle it out. I cannot wait to see that! Bring back Marcellas! And bring back Kaysar! Summer can't come soon enough.

America's Next Top Model. This show intrigues me, I guess because I love the metamorphises of the wanna-be models. I love how they look plain or ghetto or uncomfortably tall and lanky in their application interview, then in their photo shoots they look gorgeous and sophisticated and amazing. I love the photo sets, and I love how the camera finds weird angles and makes them beautiful. I also love me some Tyra Banks, although this past week I was so disappointed in her. My favorite contestant this season, Danielle, has the best personality and is so signature. Her trademark is this adorable gap between her two front teeth, and Tyra told her to get it fixed or she couldn't be a Cover Girl. Boo. I love the gap, and so does Danielle - she was very upset that she was being forced into dentistry. Tyra, you are shaming imperfect women everywhere.

Gilmore Girls. This isn't reality TV, but it is such a great show. The dialogue is so good. There must be four times the actual words in this show than in any other program on television. I love Alexis Bledel, and I love how the characters have developed over the years. This is smart TV at its best - nothing blowing up, no high crime or drama, just family life at its funniest. And if Kelly Bishop isn't the funniest lady on TV right now, I don't know who is. It's all in the writing.

One Tree Hill. I guess this is my guilty pleasure. It's a high school program about a group of gorgeous teenagers whose lives are so full of drama that it's almost completely unbelievable. AND I STILL LOVE IT. The music is a huge part of this show, and they feature a lot of bands on the show (most recently Fall Out Boy). They've started hitting on tougher issues, and I have to applaud them for the risk. They did a show a few months ago about high school shooting, and it was actually terrifying. That's a big statement from a show that started out almost teenage fluff. It gets better and better every season (SAVE OTH!).

So that's the best of my DVR Season Pass list. I also watch Reba, What I Like About You, and Everybody Hates Chris. Those are my sit-coms, and they are very, very funny. And now you know about my nasty TV habit. At least I read a lot to balance it all out, right? RIGHT?

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Liz said...

I have nearly the identical shows on the DVR and mostly for the same reasons. "One Tree Hill" worries me - I don't want my daughter thinking that's the way normal teenagers live - married at 15, living on their own, etc. - and yet, the music is fantastic (recently turned me on to The Fray - excellent) and I do like watching all the drama. :)