Thursday, March 23, 2006


I’ve returned from the big black hole of blogging. It’s been a fun couple of weeks, with a visit from Mom, Dad and Kyle, then a family trip to Arkansas to see MIA Husband and BFF. One of my favorite parts of the visit home was Taya’s party, where I not only saw Taya in action (and in the most adorable little Korean outfit), but also met Logan and Jackson (Stephen and Melissa’s boys). I fell in love with Logan, I tell you. He is absolutely beautiful. There is something so special about close friends’ babies. I have pictures of everything, tons of them, and will try to upload them tonight. I am loving Flickr.

I have to clean house tonight. I managed to get the suitcase unpacked from the trip, but the kitchen needs a good cleaning. Tomorrow night I am watching my friend’s little girl Zoey. She is Ari’s age (they were due on the same date, but born 2 days apart). I’ll be keeping her Friday night, then Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Wonder what Ari will think of that?

Next week is a business trip to Memphis. No flying involved, thank goodness. Also, Keith will make his final trip home to visit – the next time he comes home, it will be for good! While in Arkansas we were saying – only four more weeks and life is back to normal! But that’s not true. Really, only four more weeks and life changes drastically again! He comes home, heads back to school, finds a new job, and hopefully (HOPEFULLY) we’ll be adding a third baby to the mix shortly. Life, she is wave upon wave.

Speaking of which, I am still leading in our American Idol pool at work. I’m not getting excited about the pot yet, since there are so many weeks left in the competition. But I am sure having a blast watching the show and making my "picks" each week. I’m only up by 5 points, not helped by the fact that I picked wrong last night. But I’m keeping a new pair of shoes in mind each week, since that’s what I want to buy with my winnings. Kyle’s closing in on me, though.

I reallocated some duties amongst my team at work, effectively doubling my own workload. Will I make it? Remains to be seen. Work is a respite today, though – with Owen acting all three years old, he’s about got me beat. Let Leanna take his craziness for a while. Testy insurance agents got nothing on a 3 year old who is way too smart for his own good.

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