Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Back on February 20, we received some disheartening news from the Kaz Embassy in DC. After reviewing our dossier for the second or third time, they still wanted two more documents. Keeping in mind that we have absolutely busted our humps to get this stuff in as quickly as possible, and it’s still taken us a solid year to get this far, I was beyond disappointed. I was absolutely deflated. I was THISCLOSE to giving up. On top of that, one of the documents they wanted is not available, and to get around it, I had to navigate a very tangled web of state authorities, asking for a letter completely out of the ordinary. Well, it worked, and today I will have that beautiful piece of paper in hand, to be overnighted tonight to Philly to complete our dossier, oh sweet, sweet dossier. The Kaz Embassy in DC has promised us:

"Make everything, as soon as possible. After reception of these documents by us, this documents on next day together with a package will be sent to Kazakhstan."

So we’re counting on them to fulfill that promise, and get everything to Kaz ASAP this week sometime. This keeps us on track with our mid-April travel date. It’s currently taking 4 – 8 weeks to clear the ministries in-country, and we’re about 6 weeks out from our "hopeful" travel date of April 16th. This may happen after all. I know I’ve said it before, and it’s so hard to get my hopes up, but is an end in sight? EVA, ARE YOU OUT THERE? ANYONE? BUELLER?

An Owen-ism: Last night, he says to the baby – You are pushing it, Ari, you are REALLY PUSHING IT.

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