Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cleveland rocks

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Yesterday I flew in and out of Cleveland for a lunch meeting. I left the absolutely gorgeous Nashville weather (65 degrees) and landed in Cleveland, a frozen tundra of 25 degrees. Cleveland did not rock yesterday. The meeting went great, then our flight home was delayed by over an hour. The boys and I finally rolled into the driveway around 645PM - a long time after my alarm went off at 450AM. We still had some time to goof around last night, which we did, and then two toothbrushings, two jammie changings, three books, three songs, two prayers, one cup of water and lots of kisses later, I was able to sit on the couch for about half an hour. Just sit, that's all I wanted to do really. Mindless sitting. And then lots of sleeping (ah, foiled again by the elder, up at 550AM).

It's almost next week. I'm looking forward to next week. Keith will be home for the weekend, and my parents and Kyle will be arriving, to stay all week long. Then the boys and I will hitch our wagon to theirs and head to Bentonville for a long weekend. We'll be celebrating Taya's first birthday while we're there (her actual birthday was yesterday; look in the Flickr photos for a picture of Taya and me when she was just born - and now she is 1!). Seeing friends, seeing family, not working, all will be a nice respite.

I am tied for first place in my work's American Idol pool. The pot is $115, so I am diligently making my picks each week (was 4 for 4 on eliminations this week).

I can't think of any interesing Owen-isms or stories to tell today. It's Saturday morning, and I got up at 550AM. I have two books in progress; maybe I can make some headway into those tonight. I also should receive Mona Lisa Smile from Netflix today, another sedentary thing for me to do. I AM VERY TIRED.

I posted new pictures in Flickr; you can link on the sidebar.

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