Monday, March 06, 2006

14. My Life in Orange: Growing Up with the Guru

I finished this book on Saturday. It's a memoir of author Tim Guest, his childhood living in communes under the religious direction of Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I wrote a bit about it in the goal journal, hopefully will add to it. I'm finding that my book reviewing is not coming along as planned; maybe reviewing each book was too lofty a goal. This one was good, though, if not a heart-stopping page-turner.

The boys and I had a very slow, very lazy weekend. Saturday was one of those days where no one leaves their pajamas. Sunday we finally got dressed around 2PM and went to the mall. They like the pet store there, and I just wanted to get out. So we walked the entire mall, saving the best for last - and when we arrived, we found the pet store closed down and boarded up. So, no puppy watching for the boys. Owen was fairly stoic about it, but he kept sighing very loudly and saying, "I sure wish we could look at the animals." I purchased Owen's summer sandals, little black Nike numbers, very cool. He asked why Ari wasn't getting any, and I explained that Ari wears Owen's old shoes when he outgrows them. Owen said, "Yes, I don't wear old shoes." Very posh, that one.

The boys have made it a ritual to hug and kiss each other before bedtime. It is unbelievably cute, and this is why we had two kids so close together, because when two little babies wrap those pudgy hands around each other, nothing can withstand that, not even the BLACKEST HEARTS AND BRING IT ON KIM JUNG IL I DARE YOU. They consistently leave me choked up and in a cute-coma on the nursery floor while they take the opportunity to leave the room and hide under Owen's bed, just out of reach. This eventually leads to me poking them with the broom trying to get them out so I can tuck them in; they're like cats sitting under there hissing at me. Two brains are better than one, so they've taught me. I think this game was the brainchild of the elder, but the younger, he is always game for anything that might make Mom crazy.

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