Thursday, February 16, 2006

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour

This past weekend we went to Lynchburg to tour the Jack Daniels distillery. Lynchburg is about an hour's drive from us, and it's a really pretty drive. The boys snacked and watched a movie on the way there. It was snowing off and on, little flurries, enough to make everything pretty, but the roads weren't slick. The tour took place both indoors and outdoors, so we kept the little guys bundled. It was a pretty interesting tour. At one point Owen sniffed the air and said, "Mommy, you do not want to drink that stinky stuff!" They took a picture of our tour group. We are on the right end (Keith's in a red coat and goofy hat and holiding Ari, I'm in a denim jacket with Owen). The guy on the end, we don't know him, but he came down at the last second and huddled up with us. Oh well, we needed the body heat anyway. To see the picture better, just click on it.

We had a fun weekend with Keith home. The weathermen were predicting up to 5 inches of snow, so we planned on being snowed in all weekend. The heavens never really did open up, though, so we were able to get out a little bit. We celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday night with a Japanese dinner and then watched a movie at home. It was just good to spend time with Keith.

Betsy and Taya arrived last night, and they are home with my boys right now. I am taking off from work tomorrow so that we can spend the next few days together. I am so glad they're here; I was really not looking forward to a long weekend by myself with the boys. The days get lonely by myself, despite the constant chattering that surrounds me. I think tomorrow we're going to take the kids to a children's museum, and then this weekend is the big outdoor flea market. It's about 68 degrees here today, so the weather is definitely cooperating.

This morning Ari was sitting on his little couch with a cup of milk and some Cheerios. Taya was eating the Cheerios right out of his hand, and he just sat there with big eyes, watching her. It was so cute to see them together. I think we're going to have a great time this weekend.

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