Monday, January 23, 2006

The Usual

I finally took the plunge and booked tickets for Owen and me to see Dora’s Pirate Adventure LIVE! It’s the first weekend in February. I think he is going to love it. We’ll be on the first balcony, so he should have a good view of everything. I can’t wait to see what he has to say about it. That will be Keith’s first weekend away, so maybe the Dora show will be something for Owen to look forward to when he misses Daddy. I think it will be tolerable; of all the characters that Owen likes, Dora is one of the better ones as far as making my ears not bleed. Teletubbies, not so much.

We went to a birthday part at Chuck E. Cheese Friday night. The boys were so good. Ari fed all of his tokens into the same machine, over and over again, and ending up winning a lot of tickets for doing nothing. All he wanted to do was put the tokens in. Owen played every game and slid on every slide, and ate two pieces of pizza and had a ton of fun. He is at the perfect Chuck E. Cheese age, really. He just loves everything about it (except Chuck E. Cheese himself, and I can’t blame him for that). We had a great time, the boys got to bed super late, and slept in. So it was good for everyone.

I’m going to Chicago this Thursday, just for the day. I have only one meeting, so that’s a nice break from the usual trip crammed full of meetings. And I love traveling with no luggage!

Owen goes to the dentist on Wednesday. If you remember the last time he went, he screamed and cried and kicked the dentist and hit the dentist the whole time he was getting his teeth cleaned. We (a dental assistant and myself) held him down and finished the cleaning, but when we left the office, he was bright red and dripping with sweat and heaving with leftover sobs. So this time, we bought a Dora automatic toothbrush and some Dora toothpaste, wrapped it up, and promised it to him if he acts better this time. I don’t anticipate it, though, and THAT IS WHY KEITH IS TAKING HIM.

Yesterday I tickled Ari and he said, “No!” and gave me a very stern look. The baby, he grows up too quickly.

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