Sunday, January 15, 2006

Owen the Artist: A Study in Black and White

Behold: The Robot, 2006.

He informed me that this is a Robot. A Robot with a shock of black hair, a pensive smile, two eyebrows. A Robot without feet or hands, as he is stretched across the page. He looks like he might be stretched over a torture rack, if not for that hint of a smile. What could that smile mean? What is he trying to tell us?

With the eyebrows raised slightly, he looks a little sheepish. Or maybe, forgiving. Maybe with his smile, he forgives his maker for stretching him over the rack. Maybe he raises his eyebrows to get that hair out of his eyes. Without hands, it must be tickling his face and driving him crazy.

What do you know, little Robot, that is so important?

I love the new dimension Owen is showing here in his artwork. I like to think that his imagination is so big, one page just couldn't contain it.

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hogwired said...

When Colby was tested for TREC (gifted/talented program), part of the test was drawing different pictures. If their pictures went all the way to the edge or even tried to go beyond they received a lot of points on the test. So, obviously Owen is on his way to the gifted class (but we knew that already)!