Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm updating because I have to.

I can't seem to think of anything interesting to blog about (well, there was that one thing, but my mother won't allow it). Life is becoming ho-hum again. What do we do when life gets boring? Make a big change! Like, Keith moving away for a couple of months! That should shake things up. Only two more weeks until he leaves for Arkansas. I'm not nervous yet, but I will be soon. Perhaps being alone with both children will give me some blogging material.

Tomorrow night is my work's holiday party. They decided to hold it after Christmas this year, since everyone is busy or traveling right at Christmas time. Keith and I are attending, and it is a country western themed event this year. There is food, drink, and a DJ who apparently will be teaching everyone to line dance. I don't know about this idea. For a night out with the girls, this would be great. For a night out with co-workers, eh. I just don't know if I can break out my boot-scootin' boogie in front of my boss and crew. Oh, who am I kidding? I will be dancing to No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem before the dessert plates are cleared away. And if, by some miracle, I can get a picture of Keith dancing, I will post it here. This is such a rare thing, like a comet that comes around once every 8,000 years, I must document it! As my boss says, DOCUMENT OR DIE!

(Yes, she really does say that.)

Last weekend we were out to eat, and while we waited for our food, the boys were coloring. Out of nowhere, Owen said, "I wrote CAT!" and he did! I was very surprised, but not more surprised than Owen himself. He is learning to write letters! We work on it at night, if he seems amiable to sitting with me for a while. He wants to learn his 'bowels' first (he really calls them that), so we've learned A and O, and he's currently working on E. My very smart boy!

Also, Ari learned to say NO this weekend. This is a whole new sound for him. He drags it out very slowly, nnnnnnnnnnno! As if to really make his point. He is also saying YES, but he says it more like - Zes! Very cute, and I love to hear his little voice. He's been silent for so long, finally the baby speaks!

Stay tuned for an art exhibit by Owen. And I promise some Christmas pictures!

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Betsy or Alex said...

My clinician says "Document or go to court and have your A#* handed to you."