Tuesday, January 31, 2006

How I Met Your Mother

Because my blogging has been so blah lately, I thought I would come up with some stories from our past to write about. Some of my readers will already know this information, but it will be a nice record for posterity, for the day when my children Google my name or their own and find this blog, and realize that I've put everything from their first bowel movement to their naked bum pictures on the Internet for the world to enjoy.

I thought I'd start with how Keith and I got together. This story is almost 9 years old now; May 4 will be our 9-year "dating" anniversary (which Keith no longer recognizes or celebrates, now that we are married. But I digress.). We met in high school, in band. He was 16 (a sophomore) and I was 17 (a senior). He was more a friend-of-a-friend, and I knew him in passing, but he ignored me completely, and I didn't bother him. He played trumpet very seriously, and spent most of his free time practicing in the band room. I played no instrument, and was therefore left to goof off in my free time and play cards. So in May of my senior year the band attended a contest in Schaumburg, IL, and we also planned to visit Six Flags, Navy Pier, and Medieval Times. We rode a bus all the way to Chicago from Bentonville, Arkansas. When we got there, we checked into a hotel. I was rooming with my Best Friends Forever, Marcie and Betsy, on the 6th floor. Keith was rooming with his friends on the 2nd floor.

So, long story short, one of my BFFs, can't remember which one, made a bet with me that I couldn't get Keith (quiet, no girlfriend ever, trumpet player) to walk me up to my room. Keep in mind we're in high school here, so we were kind of hyper and weird. But I took the bet anyway. I spent the entire trip trying to get people to trade me seats so I could sit by Keith at dinner, or on the bus, or on a ride at Six Flags. He paid minimal attention to me, and he didn't ever walk me to my room. But on the bus ride home we sat together, and we talked a lot, and there might have been a tiny kiss or two exchanged. We drove home through the night, and got back into town around 6AM. I had an AP exam at 8AM, which I attempted on no sleep at all. And the rest is history. Our first date was that same week, and 9 years later here we are.

But dang, I lost that bet. It haunts me still (M/B - Which of the two of you made that bet with me??).

And now you know. Ah, high school love. If you have any other ideas for stories or any questions, leave a comment and I'll see if I can answer it without publicly humiliating myself. Oh, who am I kidding, bring on the humiliation.


Marcie and BIll said...

How do you remember it so vividly?! I can't remember which floor we were on. Of course, I was rather jealous that both you and Betsy had your sites set on a boy, and I was madlessly in love with Aaron, who would toy with me just enough, and then spend his time with Buffy. Perhaps I made the bet just to see you lose (very mean, I know. But that's how jealousy works). But I am happy that it turned out so well. You found your Knight, and it took me many years of heart break. I don't wish that on anyone. And to those that don't think high school sweethearts can last, well here is the proof that TWO have made it! Here's to Betsy and Alex, and Robyn and Keith. Sorry about the very long comment.

Betsy or Alex said...

It was Marcie who bet you. I can't believe you remember all those details. You crack me up.