Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Over and Out, but not so much over

Last week was Thanksgiving. Parents and Kyle came to visit, and we had so much fun. We had an awesome turkey dinner, played lots of cards and dominoes, went shopping, and of course the boys had a great time. I also won a chili cook-off at work last week (25 co-workers can't be wrong!), and we celebrated Kyle's and Keith's birthdays. So we really had a fun week. Also, I love those 4-day weekends.

Last week was also check-up time for the boys - Ari at 15 months (2 shots) and Owen at 3 years. Their stats: Owen 3'3" and 38.14 pounds. Ari 32" and 28.4 pounds. Both are strong and healthy, and Owen got to listen to his heart and pee in a cup for the first time. Big milestone there.

We put up the tree (only Owen's smaller one this year, not my big fancy one) and a few decorations, kept it to a minimum since we'll be traveling home for the holidays (note to family: we're planning to arrive on Saturday December 17). Owen didn't want to help hang ornaments, so it wasn't exactly the warm fuzzy family moment I had planned, but both boys love the tree and are doing pretty good about keeping their paws off the ornaments.

Kyle got Keith a subscription to Netflix for his birthday, so we watched 12 episodes of Lost on Saturday/Sunday.

Work is fixing to get crazy for me; luckily I'll be out a big chunk of December, what with traveling home and the holidays. Then we're into 2006, and then the countdown really begins: Bentonville or bust, 2007.

February marks the 5-year anniversary of this blog. Five entire years I've blogged my life for the world to see. Man, my life has sure changed in five years. To commemorate, I think I'll take a little break from blogging. Not a permanent one, but the love just isn't there anymore. I'm burning out. For now, I'll plan to return after the New Year. And we'll go from there. Don't forget about us, just make plans to check back later.



hogwired said...

I understand needing a break but will miss my Robyn blog fix. Don't worry about me forgetting about you, I have a slight compulsion checking for updates.

I hope you have a great Christmas!



Liz said...

Just checking in. Will miss your updates but totally understand the need for a break. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your two adorable boys and very great husband!