Thursday, November 03, 2005

MURPHY, YOU SELFISH SON OF A GUN, i.e. Why I Can't Post with My Usual Rabidity

October 17 - In Cleveland
October 18 - 20 Owen Stomach Flu
October 21 Flu Shots for both boys (v. grumpy)
October 22 Day at the Pumpkin Patch
October 24 - 25 In San Francisco
October 27 Oral Surgery for moi
October 28 Ari to doctor, ear infection; Owen cough
October 29 Saturday at work
October 31 Huge work party, Robyn Stomach Flu, Owen to doctor, all night in ER (pneumonia spots on lungs)
October 31 - November 3 Keith/Robyn home with Owen
November 3 TODAY
November 10 To Milwaukee

Life has been busy, forgive me for not updating. I will try not to neglect ye old blog so badly in the future. Two sick boys plus myself puking (pulled some neck muscles, that's some mighty fine puking) and lots of work travel and holiday equals not much time for the Internets. Love to all, will try to post pictures (but not of Halloween and one little sad Shrek, since he didn't trick-or-treat at all, but rather spent the evening in the ER taking breathing treatments and x-rays and the like).

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