Monday, November 07, 2005

A Fall Saturday

The weather this weekend was unbelievable. We were able to spend Saturday outside at the park, followed by an afternoon trip to the library, which both boys love. I wouldn't have braved it alone, but Keith was off, so we were able to have a nice family day. At the park there were several huge maple trees that were mounded around the trunks with leaves, bright orange and yellow ones. The boys thought this was awesome. They kicked them and tossed them and laughed and danced. I was kicking myself for not having the camera, because it made a perfect fall picture. And now I can't recreate it, because we maybe sort of gave Ari a leaf phobia by buying him in them up to his head. But he was LAUGHING, how could we have known how quickly it would go downhill?

Sunday Keith worked all day, so my two minions and I camped out around the house, eating Ramen noodles (for the nutritional value) and not changing out of our PJs all day. I napped when they did, and I read several chapters in my book while Ari had his second nap and Owen watched a movie about farms. Then I made a lasagna and a cake from scratch and I'll be darned if my sauce-hating eldest born didn't eat a huge plate of it (the lasagna, not the cake). So it was a good day, and I did get around to taking a shower eventually.

Owen entertained me yesterday with his usual logic: that peach water is good for him, because peach is a fruit, and fruits make him big and strong. He also danced around the living room while I made lunch and was shaking his hips, which he does so well. He snaps his butt from side to side, very saucy. Made even funnier by his accompanying singing, which, inappropriately enough, was "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me, I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E!" All with hips a-swingin'. We spread out a long ribbon and walked on a tightrope. We played birthday cake all day, and we made thank you notes for his birthday gifts. Ari was his normal snuggly self, kept coming over with his lips offered out for kisses, or sharing his (soggy and disgusting) pretzel sticks. He is not saying anything now, except the occasional "ball" or "baby" even though he knows a myriad of words. But he understands so much. I can tell him to do pretty much anything, or bring me something, and he snaps to. He found Keith's glasses on Saturday, left on the couch, and he wanted to give them to Daddy. I wouldn't do. So he searched the house, finally found Keith locked in the laundry room ironing. "DADA!" he screeched, holding the glasses out. "DADA! DADA!" Finally Keith emerged and Ari handed him his glasses. He's just becoming such a little kid, hardly my infant anymore. My silent giant, I call him (he outweighs my friend's baby of the same age by almost 10 pounds), but he is sharp as can be.

Adoption news, are you wondering? Two weeks or so ago we found out that we needed to add four new documents to our paperwork. So here we go again. This little delay will easily push us into Christmas or beyond. I have more to say on that, but not the time right now. We have a work luncheon today at a nice bistro that I've never been to, and I need to run. I looked it up on CitySearch, and it had four dollar signs ($$$$) by it, so I assume it will be very good and exciting.

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