Wednesday, November 16, 2005

25, isn't that when our car insurance goes down?

Reason #1,864,133 why I love my husband: Because when I suggest Happy Meals for dinner, he goes along.

Seriously, he was off Monday and Tuesday, and he cleaned a lot of stuff. He did a lot of laundry. He bathed the kids and he swept the floors and he made pancakes, and he made two little boys very happy in general. Yes, he managed a two-hour nap, but I think it's balanced out by how productive he is.

I am scatter-brained and emotional and I never get enough sleep. I don't like to play basketball or camp-over or any of the other weird games that Owen makes up. I hate cleaning the kitchen and I am terrible at anything that might involve a car. If I couldn't cook, I really wouldn't be worth keeping around. But he loves me, and he makes up for the places where I'm not that great, and he puts up with a lot. I have a lot of ideas, and I buy a lot of craft supplies, and he smiles and puts them up in the garage when I ask him to, and subsequently crawls back out there and gets them for me the next day when I suddenly need them again. He irons his own clothes and always scoops me ice cream if he's getting himself some. He doesn't complain when I bring Owen into our bed just because I want to snuggle him, and he sometimes sneaks into Ari's room and sleeps with him, just because he wants to snuggle him. He carries everything, even my purse, even Ari, when we go out, because he thinks I shouldn't have to. He gives Owen all of his loose change for his bank, and sometimes even the dollars. He reads to both boys, and he uses funny voices, and he explains big words to Owen, like 'miracle' which I never thought to do because he's only 3. He gets lots and lots of parking tickets. He brushes his teeth like, a million times a day. He never puts his shoes up, so that Owen can say, "Dad, you didn't do your chore!" and put them up for him. He watches Gilmore Girls and What I Like About You with me, but he won't watch America's Next Top Model (he has his limits). He can't match clothes to save his life. He doesn't drive off the road when I spring the idea of another kid on him.

One week from today is his birthday. I don't have a clue what to get him! Something to show that we appreciate and love him, but what that is, I have no idea.

I was thinking, maybe Season 1 of Gilmore Girls?

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