Sunday, September 18, 2005

How to impress a 2-year old.

Owen requested a Lego tower that was as tall as him. " Wow Mom, that's a great job. I really love you!"

Last night we went over to one of my co-worker's homes to have Game Night. We played several games, including Taboo and Guesstures (yes, my husband played). It was so fun, surprisingly so. I had figured it would be okay, but I didn't count on really enjoying myself with my co-workers. But I did, and it was great. I should break out of my usual mold more often.
We're taking the boys to the state fair today. The pig races are this morning. We've heard that's the best part of the fair, the pig races. Never ones to miss out on the fun, we plan to be there bright and early.

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