Thursday, August 04, 2005


Last Friday was Owen's first 'friend' birthday party. His friend Delaney had her 4th birthday at Chunk E. Cheese (as Owen calls it), and he was so excited. He picked out her gifts (Disney princess chair and cell phone) and when we got there, he ran through the door screaming her name. He got lots of tokens (74 total, because he got Ari's too) and played games and ate pizza and cake and danced with the big mouse (until he actually saw the mouse, at which point he ran back to Keith fast as he could). He said he wanted to have his birthday there too, and I said he could, but it would only be him and Ari and me and Daddy. He suggested maybe we should have a picnic at a park, and I said I thought that would be fun. Speaking of birthdays, Ari's first birthday is in less than 3 weeks! Whoa.

Saturday I took the boys to the zoo. Keith had to work and we were bored, so we got up early and went to see the animals. Owen was especially excited to see the zebras (we only saw two, and they wouldn't turn around, so we just saw their behinds). My personal favorite was the elephants, because they were out and spraying themselves with mud and water to cool off. Purity was there, giving away free ice cream. Owen loved that (not Ari - he won't eat ice cream, weird kid). I was hot and sweaty from pushing 90 pounds (two boys and double stroller) uphill both ways all morning, but they were having a blast. I'd say it was a hit.

This Saturday is Keith's and my 6-year anniversary. We have no plans. Because we have no sitter. My boss is taking everyone to an off-Broadway production and fancy dinner and we have no sitter for that, either. Drawback of living away from family and friends who could be enticed to watch my angels for the evening.

Keith has only one more week of school until his break. He talks about it like it's going to be the best weeks of his life, that break. I guess he's getting burned out with school? He's been home with us all week in the evenings, which is great. It feels so, well, normal. I'm not used to it. But it's great having someone to watch Ari while I cook, or entertain Owen while I clean the kitchen or tuck Ari in. Especially now that we've eliminated most of Ari's bottles. The bedtime thing takes more time now without the magic bottle. He still gets one on rare occasion, but it's definitely time for him to break the habit. Poor little guy, he really loves his bottle. We're hoping he'll be done with it by his birthday. Less than 3 weeks! His first birthday! My baby.

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