Friday, July 22, 2005

Ari Kyle - 11 Months

Dear Ari,

Today you turned 11 months old. Only one short month away from your first birthday. Will all our time together move so quickly?

You're making me laugh out loud every day with your antics. You are quite the entertainer, and you love to get the attention of the crowd.

At 11 months, you:

  • weigh 25 pounds.
  • eat three solid meals a day, plus two snacks.
  • take approximately 12 ounces of formula a day.
  • wear size 12 - 18 month clothes.
  • have six teeth - four on top and two on bottom!
  • stand unassisted.
  • take steps all by yourself, up to 10 at a time, so far.
  • know six words - mama, dada, ball, dog, bye-bye and baba.
  • sleep from 7PM to 7AM each night without waking.
  • love toys, especially balls.
  • are crawling on everything, up great heights! And scaring me!
  • starting to 'tattle' on Owen when he irritates you.
  • giving kisses, and blowing kisses.
  • very vocal, and you like to 'sing' along with us.
  • shake your head 'no' when you're doing something you know you shouldn't!
  • love Owen so much, and want to be around him all the time.
  • point your finger at things that you want to look at or talk about.
  • are trying to use a spoon, demanding to hold it yourself.
  • are drinking from a sippy cup just fine.
  • hate sitting still for anything, especially a diaper change.
  • are learning how to make us laugh, and you're such a ham.
  • I can't believe you're walking already. I love this milestone. It's amazing to watch you go from being a baby to toddling around the house. Being vertical changes your whole look! I'm eagerly anticipating your growing vocabulary. I can't wait to have talks with you and find out what you're really thinking! I love watching you interact with Owen, and I love it when you come to me for snuggles or kisses. I love when you bury your face in my neck and wait for me to tickle you. Daddy loves you, and so does Owen. You are such a special baby. I can't believe next month is the big 1! But you'll always be my baby.



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