Sunday, June 05, 2005

You might be a redneck if . . .

you threaten your child, "You better sit down and act right or we're not going to any more garage sales!" AND IT WORKS.

What a weekend we've had. Keith's working all weekend, 16-hour days, so it's just me and the boys, stuck here with no car. Amazingly, we haven't gone stir-crazy yet. We set out yesterday, on foot and in stroller, around 8AM to see if there were any garage sales in our neighborhood. There were only two little cruddy ones, so we didn't find any treasures. But it was nice to get out before it got too hot. Although even at 8AM it was hot. Today we did the same, leaving the house around 8:20AM. We walked down to the grocery store, which is a pretty long walk. We picked up some milk and some crackers, and enjoyed the AC, then we headed home. It took us about 2 hours round-trip, but it was nice to get out. The heat zonked the boys out, and they slept for about 2 hours (I admit it, so did I). As the day wears on, it gets hotter in the house. Our AC isn't working very well. By 5PM it's about 80 degrees in here. It's bearable, but hot. I'm sure we'll have to pay someone to come look at it. Keeping in our current theme of all our crap breaking all at once, I'm anticipating our washer and dryer to go out, our fridge to break down and all the food to spoil, and one or more pipes to bust and flood the house, ruining all the floors. That should pretty much do it.

Playing with Owen these past two days has been interesting. Yesterday before Ari got up, we got out some photo albums to look at. He really enjoyed Ari's album of his birth. The pictures start out with me in my hospital gown, huge belly, then they go through the entire birth and up to Ari at 3 weeks. Owen was fascinated with the big belly, and immediately started carrying his own baby inside of his shirt. He let me take pictures (sucker), and I've uploaded them for your viewing pleasure. His baby was breech, though; his little plastic feet were hanging out of Owen's shirt all day.

Then today he decided we would go to "pretend Wal*Mart." This involved a backpack full of blocks and a shoestring tied around his head like a headband. He is so weird. Once he had his backpack and his string on, we were off. I also took pictures of this.

Yesterday Ari danced for the first time. He was standing up in his room, holding on to his crib, and he started kicking one leg back and forth, and moving his head around. It took me a while to figure out what he was doing, but all of a sudden we realized he was dancing, and it was so funny.

I finally got pictures of Owen's lemon stand, as well as the other afore-mentioned pictures, uploaded here.

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