Tuesday, June 21, 2005

They say it's your birthday.

26 years old today, over the hump to 30! Keith's working tonight, so the celebration is temporarily postponed until this weekend when I can party down with my parents and Kyle. A real live birthday cake and family get-together! I haven't done that since we moved out of Arkansas.

Yesterday went just fine with the fill-in babysitter. Our regular sitter is out of town this week on her annual vacation, so our 12-year old neighbor is filling in. I left work an hour early to get home and check on the boys yesterday, and everyone was just fine. Both boys took naps, which is a feat unto itself. Owen says he had fun, and asked me last night when "my Jessica" is coming back. I called today around lunchtime and everything was going well.

This weekend Owen pushed his brother down. Upon examination of the blood flowing from Ari's mouth, I found that his lip-gum connector thing was ripped. I'm talking about that little skin connector that goes from the top gum into the back of the top lip (I've Googled, but I can't find a technical name for it). So it's ripped and hanging down between Ari's front teeth. The pediatric dentist that Owen sees told me that it should heal itself, shouldn't need to be clipped off, but to watch it closely. It's one of the more gross injuries I've seen recently. Poor baby Ari, always at the mercy of a bigger and more violent brother. The sad part is when Ari smiles at Owen through the blood and tears, and reaches out for him. HE JUST GOES BACK FOR MORE. Now that is brotherly love.

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Kim said...

Just wait for them to get older it all gets worse. Enjoy them growing end loving each other cause it changes once they hit 6 to 10 years of age.