Thursday, June 09, 2005

So it's true, you do learn something new every day.

Things I learned Monday:
From my work calendar: Holy crap, I have traffic school tonight!
From traffic school instructor: The first recorded traffic accident with a fatality was in 1899 in New York City. Since then, 3 million people have died in traffic accidents. Each year in the US, 40,000 people are killed in traffic accidents, 1,200 of them in Tennessee. And 20 of those are road workers.

Things I learned Tuesday:
From the doctor: I have strep throat (or strap, as it’s commonly called in Tennessee), and I’ll be out of work at least another two days.
From Kinko’s: Some people really think that $2.99 for a roll of tape isn’t a consumer gouge.

Things I learned Wednesday:
From my television: Beauty and the Geek is an okay show. Joey McIntyre is still my favorite New Kid.
From our mechanic: It will only cost $59 to fix our car.
From the AC guy: Even though he said he would come on Wednesday, it will actually be Thursday morning.

Things I’ve learned so far on Thursday:
From Owen: It’s okay to wear two different shoes to the sitter’s. It’s “no problem.”
From the AC guy: It’s a Freon leak.
From Keith: He thinks he has strep throat.

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