Friday, June 17, 2005

In which I ate all the pink Starbursts

Two things I forgot how much I loved until I revisited them yesterday: Starburst candy and Gavin DeGraw.

The next few weeks are sure busy ones for us. Tuesday is my birthday, Wednesday Ari Kyle turns 10 months old, then we're flying to Texas (me for business, the boys to visit Meme and Poppy). We get back from Texas on Sunday, then the next Friday we're headed to a cabin on the lake in Kentucky with the Yus. The week after that is Owen's surgery. So yeah, we'll be pretty busy. But I like lots of excitement in our lives, keeps it interesting. Like me flying with both babes by myself. Interesting.

I met with my boss again this past week about working from home. Yes, she's already shot me down before, but you know what they say about if at first, not succeeding. So I asked if I could work from home once Eva is here, instead of just taking that 6 weeks off without pay (as my company does not offer paid maternity leave for adoptive moms, as I was previously told). She had lots of questions for me, but acted like it might be a possibility. I don't have my hopes too high, but it would sure be nice to have the option. I should know something in the next few weeks.

Wednesday night, after Ari was tucked in and while Keith studied, Owen and I stayed up late and went to Target, just the two of us. I love taking him out alone, getting one-on-one time. He is so amazing, this stage he's in. I swear he learns or does something new every day. Being two years old, it's such a double-edged sword. He's stubborn and selfish, throws tantrums, beats up his brother, he's a picky eater and he's whiny, demanding, too big for diapers, doesn't listen or mind, rebels against the rules, challenges me on everything, all the time. But it's those same traits, the ones that make him test every boundary, that make him so intriguing and wonderful. He's talking so much, intelligently, he's singing and counting, his artwork is more and more intricate, he's engaging in conversations about his day or his feelings, telling secrets in my ear, showing affection with kisses and hugs freely given, showing empathy and compassion, tackling bigger challenges and having bigger victories (using the potty, climbing the porch steps, pulling on his own shoes), becoming physically stronger and more outgoing. He is a phenomenon all his own. I never knew having kids would be such an adventure. He keeps me on my toes, that's for sure, and I love him and am amazed by him constantly. I love my boys so much, and wouldn't life be boring without them?

We went out to dinner last night for Father's Day and to celebrate my birthday. We also gave Keith his Father's Day gift. We got him a new wedding ring, a very cool brushed metal titanium one. I think it suits him very well. It's much nicer than his original one. I think he likes it.

I think I'll spend this weekend cleaning house and getting lists ready to pack for our trip to Texas next week. That sounds exciting. And maybe, just maybe, if Owen's lucky, I'll take him to a few garage sales.

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liz said...

FYI: I have a proposal that I presented to my boss when I asked about working from home - it's very official-sounding and I think it did the trick. It answers just about any questions they could have, takes any legal risks off their hands AND says that it's a 90 day trial basis - which makes them comfy about ending it if needed. Of course 90 days convinced them that it was no different with me working from home. Anyway, I'd be happy to share it with you if you're interested. Good luck on all the flights,vacation stuff - enjoy!