Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Texting 1, 2, 3

It's official, I have joined the 21st century. I activated my cell phone last night. Not only do I have a cool Napoleon Dynamite ringtone and Tetris, I can also text. That's right, me, text-messaging. Any and all cell numbers that I may or may not know are soon to be flooded with text messages from me, which may or may not say something like "Holla" or "Drinks L8R?" Keith does not know what he has unleashed, with the giving of the cell phone. BWA HAHAHA!

Am leaving in 4 hours for Austin. Looking very much forward to: 1) Dinner with Kyle, 2) Seeing the city and campus, 3) America's Next Top Model finale, and 4) Sleeping more than 4 hours tonight.

On the long drive home on Sunday, Owen was sing-songing in the back seat, "Why are we still driving? Why are we still driving?" and I told him that we were going home. "Oh," he said, "why?" I informed him that we had to go back to our house in Nashville. "No thank you," he said, "Nashville feels yucky for me." I reiterated that we had to go home, and he said that home is "Nanny's house!" Poor puppy, he so enjoyed being the center of attention when we were home. Nashville feels yucky for him. Only Owen, I tell you.

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