Wednesday, April 20, 2005

In which I can't think of a title

Owen found a bird egg in our yard, where it fell from our tree. I couldn't reach the nest, but he was so sure that his Daddy could. So we saved it and Saturday morning Keith scaled the tree and put it close to the nest, but not actually in the nest. It was out of the nest for two days, and had many human hands on it, so we didn't think the mommy bird would take it back. But Owen kept saying that the egg needed its mommy and then the mommy would open the egg and let us look at the baby since we put the egg back. So we did our best to return it from whence it came. Watching Keith scale the tree with a fragile little blue-speckled egg reminded me of the lengths we go to for our children.

Today at L's house, her neighbor came over with her 3-month old daughter. Owen started jumping around and saying, "That's my sister! She's here! Eva is here! Come look at my sister!" L explained to him that it was just the neighbor's little girl, and she said he got very quiet and sad, and when they left, he said, "She was supposed to come home with me." When I picked him up, he came running over to me and said, "Mommy, I thought that baby was my sister, I thought so. Me thought it was Eva because she was little like Ari! That was silly, huh?" And he didn't act sad or anything, so I laughed with him and told him that Eva was coming sometime, and he would have a sister, but we weren't quite ready yet. He seemed to understand. I don't always know the depth of his thoughts until something like this happens. So he is thinking about her and waiting for her. That's pretty neat.

We finished all of our homestudy documents today, including medical testing that cleared both Keith and me of syphillis and tuberculosis, thank goodness. We also received our fingerprinting letter, and once that's done, all we do is wait. I talked to our adoption agency today and their Kaz program director is going back on April 25, and she asked him to get an update and some new pictures of our girl. I can't wait to see what he gets! I don't know if I mentioned before that her name is Eva? We've decided on Eva. I was undecided until I heard Owen test it out, and it was the most beautiful thing I ever heard, and so Eva it is. It's a family name for us, also. I love it.

Ari, he is becoming my big boy. He pulls up now, and tries to climb things. He still does the belly crawl, and he's sitting really well. I hate the pulling up stage. I remember with Owen, he pulled up on everything, even things that weren't really pulling-up worthy, and he fell so much. Ari fell once already and hit his eye. Very sad. His second bottom tooth poked through, so now he has two little teeth, both at different heights and both crooked. He is, of course, adorable.

I am really at a loss for anything to post beyond recent doings of the boys. Our lives are so hectic and full, and yet everything seems to rotate around the babes. As it should be, I guess. I promise to try to think of exciting, adult things to post about next time. Until then, I leave you with pictures!

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