Friday, March 25, 2005

It's a Sickness

Have you ever been to a place where, when you walk in, you can literally feel the germs crawling around, and jumping on to you? Like an old Wal-Mart, or a gas station bathroom? Germs with their little claws out, grabbing on to your clothes, looking for somewhere to make a new home. Like that commercial where the little virus guy walks under the guy's toenail and he has a house and a mailbox in there? And he opens the mailbox, and he's actually got mail? My house is currently seething with germies, and I swear they're taking on a life of their own.

Two sick boys, going on day 8 tomorrow. No work for me since last Thursday. Keith and I are feeling ick-ish, but nothing compared to the two sickest little babies I've ever seen in my almost-30 months of parenting SHUT UP THAT SEEMS LIKE A LONG TIME. So I've been forced into blog hiatus, since I'm currently needed to do things like "wipe noses" and "give medication" and "cover child's mouth when he coughs out at least 2 million germs" and "take rectal temperatures" and "grimace but act happy when child wants to kiss and hug and breathe directly into Mom's mouth for comfort."

My parents were here last week, thank goodness, because I couldn't have handled all the sickness on my own. I want to update on the fun times we had, but it will wait until babies are well.

Until then, I'm off to Lysol some stuff, and do some laundry, and hold feverish children, and pour bleach directly onto my entire body in an effort to rid myself of the germs AND NO YOU ARE NOT PICKING UP YOUR MAIL HERE.

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Kim said...

good luck hope it don't last much longer. We all mothers have been there and then you feel bad and they are better and don't understand why mom don't want to play or read or hear us laughing loudly. I will pray for them to get better soon, and that keith and yourself don't get it to bad. Love Kim