Sunday, February 20, 2005

Three Day Weekend!

And I couldn't be happier. If there's one thing I love, it's a short work week. Keith's off tomorrow, as well, so we're going to sleep in and go see a matinee. What a glorious plan.

Today it is cold and rainy outside. I left Ari with Keith this morning, and Owen and I went to the grocery store. We didn't really need anything, just some dishwasher detergent. But it was fun to get out, just the two of us. I let him walk at the store, instead of riding in the cart, so our 10 minute grocery run lasted over an hour. He was so funny, grabbing things and saying, "We need to put this in the cart!" Items requested included a plastic container of trail mix, a cantaloupe, a large jar of mayonnaise, a can of Chef Boyardee spaghetti, and a box of Triscuits. Requested items purchased: zero. Surprisingly, he was okay with my telling him no to each item, since he was more enthralled with being able to walk around. He noted each vegetable and it's color, and whether or not it was mentioned in his The Very Hungry Caterpillar book (remember, he ate through all those fruits and junk food). I did let him get a few Jelly Bellys, and he picked out special ones for Keith. We had a fun time, just the two of us.

The past two days have been probably the best days I've ever had with Ari. He's been a complete and total crank due to the evil teeth, but he's also been giving me the biggest grins, and he's getting mobile, and he's napping on (kind of) a routine. He's eating really well, and he's been nursing the last couple of nights, and we've really enjoyed each other this weekend. He's almost out of that newborn-tiny-infant stage, and I can't say I miss it. He's so much more interesting now, and he's got so much personality. He has a T-E-M-P-E-R. Like crazy. He throws his head back and pushes me and arches his back and screams when he's mad. Clearly my child. I have yet to see him stomp his feet in anger, but that will pretty much nail down the tantrum-throwing as mommy-inherited. And oh my word, he's so cute. I knew this day would get here; it just seemed so far away last August.

So both boys are doing great. Keith's doing well in school. He's tired, and I think he's getting a cold, but he's surviving. I keep telling him, just one more year and you're done! And that makes him feel slightly better, until he remembers the two years after that when he's working on his MBA.

On the adoption front, everything is moving, but slowly. I'm working on our I-600a, which is the government form for permission to bring a child into the country. We've narrowed down our agency choices to two (outside of the local one doing our homestudy). And I think I've decided to apply for a girl. But I haven't nailed that one down yet. Still thinking about it. I love my boys, and I wouldn't mind another one. I have a little while before I need to make that decision.

Since I can only upload one photo at a time onto the webpage, I signed up with Shutterfly to be able to share lots of baby photos at once. The newest group is uploaded, but I have no idea how to link over there. I'd figure it out now, but Owen is ready for dinner, so it will have to wait. They're cute, so they're worth it.

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