Monday, February 07, 2005

Little People

At our library outing Thursday night, we wandered into their video section. Our library has loads of children's videos, but most of them are VHS, and we don't even have a VCR hooked onto our television anymore. But they had lots of cool Veggie Tales videos, and I've been wanting to introduce Owen to Veggie Tales, so we took one home. Keith resurrected the dinosaur VCR on Friday, and we dug out all our VHS tapes for the occasion. We found one that Owen was given as a gift sometime last year. It is a Little People video, with claymation kids doing all sorts of things. What's so strange is that the kids have these enormous hands, just totally out of proportion with their bodies. They do weird, hallucinogenic things, like fix a flat tire by putting a cloud in it, or shoot chocolate ice cream topping out of a fire hose. Even though they are kids, they drive a school bus. They have two names, like Sarah Lynn or Sonya Lee. They talk to trucks, and most of all, they have great big hands. Owen is officially in love with this video. We've had to limit his number of viewings, he likes it so much. He repeats lines from it ("Looks like a cow jumping over the moon? Yeah, that's him!"). He watches it in a daze, where we have to call his name three or four times to get his attention. It creeps me out, truthfully. And the worst part of all? The theme song. It's like knife in the brain, and it hangs around in your head for days at a time. And this horrible song is brought to you by none other than... Aaron Neville! Times must really be bad for poor Aaron Neville. Creepy, really.

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Andrea said...

Hello how are you doing. Joey and I love reading your blog. We have one of our owm mostly for my personnel enjoyment, or should we say venting myself. We are just getting started, I am not to good with this stuff, even though I am on the computer 8 hours out of the day. Well see you later, the boys are cuties. They will probably be the closet thing to cousins as gabe will have for a long time, the way things are looking. I will see ya later,
Love, Andrea